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About Mama Ruby's Book Shelf

Mama Ruby's book shelf is inspired by Ruby Smith. However, to her twelve grandchildren, Mrs. Smith is known as "Mama Ruby". Mama Ruby was a school teacher in Nashville, TN for over 30 years. After she retired, she devoted her life to ensuring her grandchildren were properly educated. In part, she has always kept her book shelves at home full of rich literature so that her warm loving house maintains a learning environment. 


"First off, I love that my 5 year old son couldn’t stop talking about “the book with the black man!” He loved it! But, this is not your typical Civil Rights march book. That’s why what this author has done is so significant. It teaches the children that the fight against racism started way before the 50s. This book touches on racism but does not dwell on it. It mostly glorifies the greatness of the under appreciated, Marcus Garvey and will give your children a since of pride. This author has a gift for relaying an important message to the youth without it being too much to bare. Can’t wait for what’s next!"

"@JamesWrites615 they love the book. It's helpful and makes it easy to have conversation about our history. "

-Protected Social Media Review

"Before I put my kids to sleep, I read them books like Teach Me About Garvey, a pro-black book that is designed to teach self esteem and awareness in young African children." 

Brotha Hassan

Amazon Customer

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